What Should You Know About 0800 Numbers?

15th June 2011

One way businesses can form advantages over their competition in the United Kingdom is by implementing 0800 numbers. An 0800 number is a free phone number used by a business that is not limited by geographic telephone numbers.

However, one of the biggest benefits of using an 0800 number is the savings that it can pass onto customers. This is due to the fact that 0800 numbers are free phone numbers. Free phone numbers include numbers with different prefixes such as 0805 and 0500. However, 0800 numbers are the most common ones. The most important thing that all these free phone numbers have in common is that they do not charge customers for using them to contact businesses that pay for the number.

The benefit here is obvious. Customers will be more likely to contact a business if there is no additional cost involved. This can potentially increase sales. It can also increase people’s perceptions of a business’s customer service. Quality customer service can lead to a long term customer loyalty.

0800 numbers also have other benefits. Firstly, they do no replace the landline numbers that that business already has. Phone calls made to a 0800 number can actually be sent directly to a landline number. A 0800 number can also be set up so that incoming calls are sent to a different mobile phone number. Due to these possibilities, setting up a 0800 number is actually quite simple.

These numbers are often used by high profile companies that do large volumes of business. This can also give a smaller business another additional benefit. That business will be able to give off the perception of being a large scale operation. This can make potential clients and customers more comfortable with doing business with that company. They may assume that the quality of that company’s products and services is comparable to that of a business of a much larger size.

Acquiring 0800 numbers is also quite simple. All you have to do is contact a Telecom company that offers such numbers to their customers.