What to look for when choosing mobile broadband

10th July 2009

With the dawn of technology, various aspects of life are just getting easier by the day. There are new inventions everyday by people who want to make human life as simple as possible. Even where Internet is concerned, many people are opting for mobile broadband.

mobile broadband You maybe wondering what is the mobile broadband? When you connect to the Internet using a small device called the dongle, it is called the mobile Internet. This device makes it possible to use the Internet while being on the move constantly.

The Mobile Broadband Group has published Principles of Good Practice for marketing mobile broadband services which the main mobile operators have agreed to follow.

When choosing mobile broadband look out for following:

  • Just like phone deals, you can choose from packages of pay-as-you-go or monthly fixed rate bills. There are various plans as well where you may have to pay a one time Fee for the dongle. Some service providers give awesome offers like if you choose a plan that is of substantial amount of time, they may even offer you a laptop free of cost. However, don’t be carried away, it is critical that you know the plan and then only sign up.
  • Another important aspect of the mobile Internet is the length of the contract. In the pay as you go option there will not be a long contract length to be signed. you must note though that this kind of a service is useful only when you have limited work or else it may be of little use to you. the longer the contract the more money you will be saving but also remember that the telecoms industry comes out with new offers every now and then. If you sign for one contract, you may not be able to sign up for the better deals later. Check the length of time for which you are signing the contact. This definitely plays an important role.
  • You must ensure that the service provider you are signing up for has coverage area in your locality. There is no point getting something that will not be of any use later. If you are still contemplating about services providers, all you will need to do is go to their website and put in your postcodes. this will help you identify whether your area is within the coverage area or not. you need to keep in mind that telecoms and broadband signals are different and hence you cannot expect the network for both to be the same. The network for the Internet can be down at times even when your mobile phone is working. One way of checking this is to see if the company is offering you any trial packages which you can test. Check the conditions before choosing the trial period as well.
  • Do not forget to find out the kind of speeds that you can expect from your service provider. This often depends on location and wiring placed in the location.