What Was That Number Again?

13th September 2016

Before we start, remember this sequence of numbers… 95728156351. Now, remember this sequence… 08450 600 600.

They both contain the same number of digits, but which do you think would be easier to remember in 5 minutes after you’ve made a cup of coffee or spoken to your colleague? Chances are you’ll pick the 0845 number, and for good reason – it’s really simple! By utilising the power of a memorable 0845 number, you can greatly increase conversion rates from advertising thanks to its easy-to-remember nature.

But I thought 0845 numbers were really expensive?

Here at Planet Numbers we don’t believe in charging over the odds for business numbers. That’s why we offer FREE connection on our Bronze numbers, every incoming call is FREE for you to receive (compared to 4p/min from BT), monthly service charges are as low as £9.99 and there are absolutely no hidden charges!

The money saving doesn’t stop there, though – BT Residential call plans often include 0845 numbers, so it could be completely FREE for your customers to call you!

We’ve got a service for that

Once you’re all set up with a Planet Numbers 0845 number, you can take advantage of a huge range of excellent features, all accessible from our Online Portal at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world.

To find out more about how Planet Numbers could help your business, including our 0845, 0300 and 0800 numbers, simply click here or give us a call on 08000 886 886 and talk to a member of our friendly team.