Which Number Is Best For You?

16th June 2009


How many times have you been without your mobile phone and needed to urgently call someone?

And how many times have you borrowed someone’s mobile or gone to a payphone, picked up the handset and had your mind just go blank?

With all the PIN numbers, passwords and phone numbers stored in our memory, it’s no wonder that our brain turns into a mess when trying to remember them, especially as most of them are so familiar. Nobody can fit a Yellow Pages in their pocket!

To combat this issue, Planet Numbers introduced their Special Range of telephone numbers, offering businesses a chance to give their customers a helping hand with remembering telephone numbers. This elite range provides businesses highly memorable telephone numbers, with Planet Numbers knowing which combinations of numbers are easiest stored in the memory. One of the ultra special numbers, 03333 333 333, gives the business a number that they couldn’t forget even if they wanted to!

Along with the specialist range, Planet Numbers offer Alphadial, where you can create a telephone number out of a word or phrase. For example, a building or construction company could advertise 0845 BUILDING, which translates to 0845 28453464. Be sure to call up, so we can check availability.