Why 0800 Numbers Are The Best Option For Your Business

21st August 2012
  • 0800 numbers are non-geographic (NGNs). They provide no geographic information and allow business to foster the image precisely the way they want it
  • Having an 0800 sends a powerful message to your customers that you are not only reputable but that you are successful enough to have such a number and that you really care enough about your business to pay for it.
  • Consumer research shows that freephone numbers increase the response rate of advertisments and other marketing stratefies by as much as 300%
  • It’s a no risk investment. This means that you can invest without fear that the investment will someday go to waste. The only way your company can lose its right to its 0800 number is by relinquishing them or by selling them.
  • As your business grows, your 0800 number will offer you superior versatility. Usually a business will outgrow it’s business tools as it grows from small, medium, to large. This is not the case with 0800 numbers because as the business grows, the service can simply expand the support system behind the scenes.
  • By default, 0800 numbers include the ability to track, monitor, perform logging and analysis. Advanced control features include call recording, voicemail, diversion plans, queuing, virtual receptionists and more. In essence allowing for sophisticated control and analysis.
  • In the UK, freephone numbers are universally recognised.
  • Consumers associate free-call numbers with value, success and reputability.
  • Having an 0800 tends to reflect positively on the brand associated with the number and is the best way to make a business accessible via phone.
  • If the primary focus of the number is to generate leads, convert leads or provide some manner of support or service for a product or service then having an 0800 number is by far the best option and will pay the greatest dividends long-term.