Why A 0845 Number May Be Right For Your Business

30th May 2012

Running a business requires attention to even the smallest details. Take the companies phone number as an example. A toll free number is often a good choice for companies that need to provide a large volume of customers with a way to contact them for support. Other companies need a number for clients to contact in the course of their business dealings.

For many companies in the latter situation, any local number will do. Their clients are all in the same area and this provides them with a confidence that they are always talking to someone nearby. Companies whose operations take them a little farther afield may not want a local number. For these businesses, 0845 numbers are the best choice.

0845 numbers are non geographic numbers (NGN). This prefix can be assigned to any location in the country. An important thing to remember about the 0845 numbers, is that anyone calling them can be subjected to a per minute charge. BT includes an allotment of free 0845 numbers in most of their plans but other providers do not. The charge will vary from provider to provider but will rarely be more than 9p a minute.

These non geographic numbers are considered premium numbers. 0845 numbers send a message to clients that their ability to contact your company by phone is important to you.

Everything about your business that is in the public domain says something about your company. The phone number you provide customers and clients is no exception. Give some thought to what you want your phone number to say about your business. NGN prefixes like the 0845 numbers will be the perfect choice for more than a few enterprises.