Why Businesses Use 0845 Numbers

17th May 2012

UK businesses prefer 0845 numbers to conventional local telephone lines because it provides a number of benefits, including being more cost-effective over the long term.

• The business owns the phone number.

A problem with conventional subscriber lines is that the provider can take it back anytime. They usually don’t, but the possibility makes investing in the number a very risky proposition.

• Advertisement is a long-term risk-free investment.

Since the business cannot lose the number, unless they relinquish it, they can invest in advertising it and associating with their branding without fear of the investment going to waste as the company grows.

• The business has control of its image.

A great benefit of 0845 numbers is that a business can obscure their actual location. It also allows a startup, for instance, the ability to seem like a much larger, more established company.

• As the company grows, service can expand to match those new needs.

As a business grows beyond being a small business, it has telephone needs that a traditional line cannot provide. Meeting those needs can be quite expensive, but 0845 numbers can do it easily, usually without additional cost.

• The number never requires the business to purchase equipment, lines or other services.

In a conventional setup, as a company grows, they must purchase additional equipment, telephone lines and services to handle the increased volume. With 0845 numbers, the provider handles this expansion.

• The number includes tracking, monitoring and logging.

Big or small, most business have to track, monitor and record their calls. This process can be very expensive, but most 0845 numbers include basic service free. If the business wants to add additional or more sophisticated services, doing so is easy.

• The service offers a host of additional upgrades.

0845s also have a wide array of optional features associated with them. Some of the most popular include diversion plans (which prevent busy calls), virtual receptionists, virtual call managers and so forth.