Why have 0845 numbers?

4th July 2011

If you own a business, it may serve you well to invest in a 0845 number instead of a traditional phone number. There are several reasons why 0845 numbers are a business necessity.

If your business has a call centre or service centre component, or has several locations, it behooves you to have a 0845 number. Why, you ask? Many businesses prefer to offer 24 hour call service for their customers. If you have an 0845 number, then calls may be rerouted to other places, such as India or the US, while it is nigh-time here, saving in late night shift costs to you. Another point to consider is if your business has an 0845 number, you can then advertise just one number at your stores and business cards instead of several. The person calling would be routed to the nearest store, depending on the location of the caller. This would also save money on printing costs.

Another reason 0845 numbers are a good solution to business communications is that 0845 numbers may also be used for call-financed services. In other words, the business (or person) who owns the 0845 number may actually receive income from calls made to the 0845 number! This revenue may even help finance the free service that is being offered. This helps to alleviate the trouble of billing customers for technical support, or other services a business might like to offer as complimentary.

All in all, 0845 numbers can benefit businesses greatly. If you own a business that has multiple locations, has a call centre or offers free customer support by telephone, then having a 0845 number is a definite necessity.