Why Invest in a Memorable Virtual Phone Number?

13th April 2016

You might think that the phone number you provide to your business’s customers has a minimal or non-existent influence on your company’s success – after all, don’t people just want a number that they can call so that they can get in touch with your team?

Reason one… it’s memorable

The aforementioned may be true to some extent, but we’ve all seen those advertisements for various businesses – whether on TV, the radio, newspapers, online or elsewhere – that feature a phone number you just remember. Maybe it’s partly due to the area code being a familiar one to you, or the numbers being arranged in a certain pattern that just doesn’t leave your head.

So, when the time comes that you need to contact a company in that industry, we suspect that you will reach for that particular business first. Why wouldn’t you, when you already have that firm’s number etched into your mind? It is, though, far from the only benefit of your business having its own memorable virtual phone number.

Reason two… it allows you to get ‘local’

Let’s imagine that your business has a head office in a particular part of the country – such as Manchester – but you would like to target customers elsewhere, such as in Central London. Invest in a memorable virtual 01 or 02 virtual number, and you will create the impression that your business is a local enterprise, without having to actually set up office in that area.

How is that possible? Well, a virtual number effectively ‘masks’ your existing number, so that when your customers call your virtual number – a 0203 number in the case of Central London, for example –  they can have their call quickly and effortlessly put through to your office elsewhere in the UK. So in the above instance, your customer service team will answer the call in Manchester, just as they would if the customer had directly called your Manchester number.

As for why your business would possibly want to portray itself as being in a different locality to where it is actually based, you must never underestimate the greater trust that many people tend to have in local companies. According to a late 2014 YouGov survey, 81% of people said they trusted ‘local business’, compared to 57% who trusted business as a whole.

Reason three… you can divert to mobiles, too

In today’s age in which it seems everyone is constantly ‘on the go’ and businesses are less tied to one physical location than ever, it’s befitting that virtual numbers offer a certain amount of flexibility. Whether on a permanent basis or just while you are away meeting with clients, customers or suppliers, you can have calls to your virtual number diverted to your mobile, with your callers being left none the wiser.

Similarly, a virtual number can be brought with you whenever you move to a new office or premises, helping to keep continuity in your marketing and promotional materials while saving you the cost and hassle of reprinting leaflets and business cards or modifying your website.

All of this is to say nothing of the automated call handling services that you can also specify with your memorable virtual number when you set it up with our professionals here at Planet Numbers. As you might expect, we offer a broad range of services, including not only virtual phone numbers, but also inbound calling services and the capability to make the cheapest international calls from your landline or mobile – so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us, whatever your business’s precise requirements.