Why UK Businesses Use 0800 Numbers

22nd June 2012

Businesses in the United Kingdom prefer 0800 numbers to conventional telephone numbers for a wide array of reasons, including being the most cost-effective long-term solution. Let’s have a look:

0800 numbers build image.

Freephone numbers have built-in positivity and appeal, and that rubs off on the business, helping it to seem larger, more important, more successful and even more reputable.

• The business has fine control over its image.

An 0800 number is also a non-geographic number (NGN), which means that the caller cannot see location data, which can be important for small and new companies and those outside the UK.

• The business owns the telephone number.

With a conventional telephone number, the telephone company can legally take it back at any time. With 0800 numbers, you own them and can’t lose those rights unless you sell or relinquish.

• As the company grows, the 0800 service can expand.

The service facilitates your phone network behind the scenes. As your needs grow, the service expands to meet them automatically. In other words, the onus is not on you.

• Marketing is an investment, not a risk.

Since you own the number and the number grows with the business seamlessly, there is no risk associated with investing in your number. Every dollar you spend today will be paying you dividends tomorrow.

• 0800 numbers never require additional purchases.

An 0800 number never requires the business to purchase additional hardware or telephone lines. The service can add any services that you need, and it can even integrate into your on-site systems.

• Base services usually include monitoring and tracking.

The basic services included with most Freephone numbers is tracking, monitoring and logging to a central database. The database allows for sophisticated analysis.

• Many advanced optional services are available.

Additional services for 0800 numbers include voicemail, call queuing, other virtual receptionist services, diversion plans, virtual call managers and virtual office services, including fax to email.