Why UK Businesses Use 0845 Numbers

30th June 2011

Organisations that conduct business in the United Kingdom often use 0845 numbers. Unlike a traditional phone number, the service provider doesn’t assign a dedicated telephone line to the 0845. Instead, the number “points” at an existing land or mobile line assigned by the business. The benefit to this is adaptability, flexibility, and versatility.

Many people assume that 0845 numbers are local calls, but since 2004, that hasn’t necessarily been the case. For many customers, the telephone company includes the 0845 block in their plan. Nevertheless, there is still a charge occurring behind the scenes, which is set by the company.

Businesses, whether they are based in or outside of the UK, can use these situations to their advantage. For instance, many service providers offer free 0845 numbers to businesses. The catch is that the provider charges a little extra per minute in order to cover the cost of the service. This surcharge on an 0845 is called a special or premium rate.

Companies and other organisations, such as not for profits, also have the option of setting a special rate for their 0845 numbers. The advantage here is that with a high enough phone volume, the subscriber can exceed breaking even and can instead earn a profit. Of course, clients won’t arbitrarily want to pay above the default rate.

Perhaps the best aspect of a business-oriented NGN is that a company can never lose rights to the number. It’s theirs for as long as they need it, and therefore, they can invest in it without fear. Even as the company grows, the 0845 can simply point at a new system that is large enough to handle their needs.

For small businesses and companies based outside the UK, 0845 numbers are especially important. That’s because in business, as in life, perception is everything. An 0845 allows an organisation to present a UK face to its clients, and it allows them to give the appearance of being larger and more successful than perhaps they actually are.