Why You Need to Implement Emergency Call Routing into Your Business Today

30th November 2016

Sometimes, your customer’s enquiries can be urgent, and require instant response. Your business may have already implemented some of the benefits that Planet Numbers can offer, such as memorable contact numbers or super cheap international calls, but some problems require an extra element of speed.

Your business stands to look incompetent, unreliable and dangerous without some form of emergency call routing, so it’s essential that you apply such feature as soon as possible.

What is emergency call routing?

Emergency call routing is the act of redirecting a customer call to the relevant emergency service department. From house fires to crimes, such routing can allow the emergency services to handle the call quickly and efficiently.

There is always the possibility that your business will get a call through from a customer who requires emergency services, and there’s only so much you will be able to do to help. If an advisor dawdles and keeps the customer on the line, it could be the difference between life and death.

Quicker response

Time is of the essence when dealing with emergency situations. Whether someone is at risk of serious injury, or there’s a gas leak present at home, a quick response is necessary.

Implementing a quick and responsive system that can immediately connect your customers to the emergency service that they require can improve the response time of that service.

Without effective call routing, advisors will need to put customers on hold and call the required emergency services themselves, wasting time and putting lives at risk.

Effectively determines location

Location data is very important when responding to emergencies. With the knowledge of the caller’s exact whereabouts, emergency services can be dispatched straight away.

Emergency call routing functions are designed to locate the appropriate service based off of the location of the caller, and not the location of your business.

The American emergency routing service 911 suffers from a crippling flaw, in that it does not possess this kind of location data. As a result, many emergency calls go unanswered. In the United Kingdom, however, we can take advantage of such technology.

Improves customer service

Even if your customer has called the wrong number for their problem, they still deserve to receive the best possible customer service experience.

The last thing that a customer wants to hear is that they need to call another number, so emergency routing is a sure-fire way to improve the effectiveness of your operation and keep your customers happy –and safe – in the process.

Such a service reflects positively on your business, cementing an image of trust and reliability when tackling volatile or hazardous situations.

Be prepared for the worst

With the right emergency call routing functions, you can be sure that your business is never caught short, and that you’re able to address any and all queries – no matter how severe.

Don’t waste your customer’s precious time and make sure they’re taken good care of with the necessary routing functions. Planet Numbers has a wide variety of routing plans available that can equip your company for some of the most important calls.