Why Your Business Phone Number is Important

27th April 2016

Given the seemingly ever-rising use of smartphones, it’s tempting to think that the conventional phone call is dying, being increasingly killed off by alternative communication methods such as emailing, tweeting and Facebook messaging. However, even now, there remain many compelling reasons for businesses to not only maintain phone numbers, but also keep them on prominent display across their marketing materials.

Use of the web is leading to more phone calls

The ability to search the web on smartphones is evidently, at least to a sizeable extent, encouraging rather than discouraging traditional phone calling. Google has reported that, when web surfing, 84% of people use cell phones and other devices, while 48% of local mobile searches led to a call being made.

Therefore, it makes sense for your business to make sure that its phone number can be clearly seen on its website. Once potential customers see that number on the website, it won’t be much effort for them to then make a call.

Many customers still favour verbal interaction

Even if your company has its own Facebook and Twitter pages, help desks and online support systems through which people can readily get in touch, you should consider that many of your customers will not actually be familiar with them. And, of course, some people could know about them, but still find them daunting to use.

One big incentive for customers to pick up the phone is that they can get immediate support, which is obviously more useful in urgent situations. In these situations, the idea of posting a question on Facebook, with no clear idea of when it will get answered, is far from appealing. Therefore, phone communication can be better for customer service that is delivered quickly without being compromised in its usefulness.

Many sales can occur through phone calls

The business SEO and PPC agency Netpeak has, through its own research, found that over half of e-commerce transactions take place over the phone, while this percentage reaches 100% for particular business models. In addition, a BIA/Kelsey report has found inbound phone calls to prove 9% better sources of custom than web leads.

It can be surprisingly financially appealing

You might initially think that communicating through social media or email is better for cutting costs than phone calling, given that the newer methods do not charge you in the manner that the more traditional technique does. However, look much closer, and you could soon realise that the supposedly “old-fashioned” tactic is, particularly when paired to the other benefits we have already mentioned, actually the better option in this regard.

Let’s consider the case of a business that has to make a high volume of international phone calls – such as a multinational company, importer, exporter, or company with international suppliers. This kind of calling can typically be very expensive; however, at Planet Numbers, we offer amazingly cheap international calls that can be made from a mobile or landline. We’re not exaggerating when we say that we could save many firms a fortune.