Why Your Company Can Benefit From 0800 numbers

21st June 2011

Many large businesses should have a telephone number that is easy to remember, free and available to its customers. 0800 numbers are free numbers customers can call to reach a business with any questions, concerns or orders. Companies can benefit greatly with 0800 numbers because they are easy to get, good for business and can save time and money.

Easy to Get

Your local telephone company can provide you with a free phone number. There are vanity numbers that allow you to customize your number so that people can easily remember them. There is caller ID, the ability to block numbers, monthly plans and many other options that you can choose from. Call waiting and music for customers to listen to while waiting is another great advantage if you expect to receive a high call volumes.

Business Benefits

0800 numbers are very beneficial to businesses. They help you to increase the number of potential new customers that may contact you for a quote. It often happens that a customer has to wait for a representative, so it is a relief to the caller that they are not paying for the phone call. You can have as many extensions as you like, so that more than one customer service representative can answer the phone calls and customers won’t have to wait for a long period of time. Voicemail, conferencing and faxing are great benefits as well.

Save Time and Money

0800 numbers also save a lot of time and money. The advantages of these phone numbers allows people to call and be answered by customer service. Unnecessary numbers can be blocked and money can be saved with a monthly plan. The business may be paying for all the phone calls, but they are in charge of who they get to answer. All the other options are an added benefit that saves the company’s finances and boosts their image as well.