You Booze Iphone App Reduces Alcohol Consumption

11th December 2009

The newly released iPhone application, ‘You Booze You Looze,’ has shocked users into dramatically reducing their weekly alcohol intake.

The application, which calculates up the users weekly unit consumption, along with costs over the week, month, year and decade, allows them to tot up how many drinks they purchase during a night out – to the shock of 67% of the users.

The 67% admitted they were horrified about how much money they spend on alcohol and have vowed to lower their weekly intake, after reports found that one in five people that used the app spent £31 to £45 a week on alcohol.

So with this App helping people save their health and money, I’ve decided to compile a list of the App Store’s most useful and most useless applications.

Top 5 Most Useful Applications:

Pulse Apps – Pocket Trainer £9.06 -Flex your app muscles with the guidance of a series of high quality videos and a workout history that can help you keep a track of your process.

Pulse Apps – TentFinder £Free – Never drunkenly stumble into another man’s nylon home. Take a snap of your tent, find the location on the GPS, attach a photo of your tent. Now all is left to do is let your app be your perennial guide to your sleeping bag.

Play Apps – Sky Mobile TV £Free – Like having Andy Gray and Richard Keys in your pocket, Sky’s live TV app brings all the Premier League football, rugby, cricket, you could want. Oh, and Sky News – so you can keep on an eye on the world too.

Orange Wednesdays £Free – With the Apple smartphone arriving on Orange, you’ll now be able to get your 2 for 1 voucher fix easier than ever before, plus all the latest film reviews, previews and trailers to make your film choice an informed one.

Work Apps – LogMeIn Ignition £17.99 – Eager to get an early look into the day that lies ahead of you, LogMeIn Ignition gives you remote access to your computer at work simply by downloading the software to your PC or Mac and then downloading the app to your iPhone. Now you can get some of the more mundane duties out of the way while you’re stationery inside a dark tunnel.

Top 5 Most Useless Applications:

I Am Rich £999.99 – The I Am Rich app was the brainchild of Armin Heinrich and helpfully served absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It was designed specifically for people who could afford it, displaying the message- “I am rich, I deserve it, I am good, healthy & successful”. The app was pulled after just one day in the iTunes store – although 24 hours was more than enough time to clock up some sales with eight “rich” folks splashing out. Of those who purchased the app, only one has gone on record as saying that his purchase was a “mistake”.

I Am Richer £200 – Not to be outdone by Apple’s App Store, a parody of the I Am Rich app popped up not long after the Android Market, although the price is capped at $200 by Google. Wealthy Android owners have had the last laugh (if you can call it that) with this one, as it’s still available to download; the iPhone alternative was pulled after a day.

iWood £Free – Even though some programs are free they are really not worth the clutter or storage space. iWood is a piece of wood that you are supposed to touch every time you say “Knock on Wood” superstitiously. You may think that it is more complicated than this, but it is simply just an image of a large wooden board. Enough said.

Super Duper Cowbell £24.99 Some programs are not only an empty concept but also ridiculously expensive. Super Duper Cowbell is an image of a cowbell that when you touch makes, gasp, the sound of a cowbell. It is not even that this application is completely useless, it’s that its price tag is £24.99.

Hee Button £Free – Hee Button is one of the most bizarre and confusing free applications available from the App Store. It is a bubble that you push, adding a number to the total in a digital read out every time you do. It allows you to go up to a total of twenty. The description on the App Store is that it is from a “famous Japanese television show” and that you are supposed to push the bubble every time you hear intriguing trivia. The informational page of the program is in Japanese and at the bottom sends you to a link in the App Store for an application that turns your phone keypad into a rotary telephone interface. It does not seem to serve a purpose and I have more fun washing my hands repeatedly.