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But what actually is a Virtual Phone Number?

In short, a Virtual Number from Planet Numbers works in very much the same way as a standard landline number.

Your customer calls your Virtual Number and your phone rings, its as simple as that. Virtual numbers ‘piggy-back’ an existing phone number, either landline or mobile.

A virtual phone number can make your business appear as a local enterprise, regardless of where your business is actually based. For example, when you advertise in Cardiff you could use an 02920 number – even though you don’t have an office there. This gives customers the impression you’re locally based and can help reduce the barriers new customers may have in calling you.

Virtual Number Example (Remote Call Forwarding)

Local Area Calls from Planet Numbers

A customer calls 0141 629 0000, the number of what they believe is a local company in Glasgow. The call is redirected to an existing London phone number, 0141 629 0000 is overlaid onto 0207 200 0000. The call is answered in London by the supplier.

You don’t need to buy additional kit or rent additional phone lines

Naturally, you can continue using the phone that your virtual number is linked to, exactly as you did before – that’s for incoming and outgoing calls. All the call routing is done by Planet Numbers remotely (and automatically) so your normal phone service carries on uninterrupted.

For the same reason, this means that when choose a Planet Numbers virtual phone number you never need to buy any additional phones or equipment or rent any additional lines from your telephone service provider.


Set up fee: from £24.99 (standard number)
Monthly service charge: £9.99
Cost to route calls to a UK landline: 3p a minute
Cost to route calls to a UK Mobile: 6p a minute

Want to divert your virtual number to your mobile?

If you’re often away from your main premises, perhaps meeting with customers, clients and suppliers – particularly if you’re a small or one-man business, you might like to pick up your calls on your mobile instead of on a landline.

Needless to say, your callers will have no idea they are calling a mobile and naturally they won’t pay the normal charges for doing so! When you choose a virtual number, you can divert your incoming calls to a mobile of your choice for just 6p a minute whenever you need to, either permanently or just every now and then.

Moving to new premises? Take your virtual number with you

With a virtual number, when you move to a new office or new premises, you don’t have to reprint your promotional materials or amend your website to show a new phone number. This is because your virtual number remains constant even though your actual geographic location may have changed dramatically – perhaps to the other end of the UK! To your customers, you’re still in the same place you always were.

Like to give your callers a more personal, professional welcome? Just add our automated call handling services

When times are economically challenging – like right now! – it’s crucial to make sure you get the most from every one of your incoming sales calls. Planet Numbers’ automated call handling services are the simplest way to add a sophisticated but easy to manage range of ‘virtual switchboard’ services. You can add one of these amazingly clever packages onto your virtual number from just £7 a month.

Automated greetings messages, out-of-hour rerouting to mobiles, call queuing and automatic voicemail to email are all great ways to make sure you never miss a vital incoming customer call. If your customer’s taken the trouble to call you, the least you can do is treat his call with the professionalism and courtesy you’d expect yourself.

All our call handling and ‘virtual receptionist’ add-ons can be simply managed from your Planet Numbers online dashboard.

Gold Local Numbers

Looking for a highly memorable local phone number? View our selection of golden numbers here

Choose from these add-ons:

Welcome Greeting

Every incoming call is welcomed with a friendly and helpful personal message

Time of day call handling

Redirect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of the week

Call Recording

No more scrabbling for a pen and paper - record any incoming call when you need to

Call Queuing

Let your customers know you'll be with them shortly

Call Centre Handling Package

The easiest way to get an effective in-house 'call centre' without having to buy new equipment or hire new staff

Simultaneous Call Handling

Handle a number of calls at once during busy times

Online Call Data Reports

It's never been more important to know where your business is coming from - data reports show you instantly

Divert to Mobile

If you're often out and about, you can divert calls instantly to your mobile so you don't miss any important calls

Multiple Destination Routing

This lets you control precisely how your calls are redirected to different destination numbers - so you could send half to one number and 25% each to two others, for example

Live Call Answering Service

You can't beat a real, friendly human being answering your incoming sales calls when your lines are busy

Gold Virtual Numbers

If the area you’re searching for isn’t listed, please call us as we have 1000s of available numbers – we will search our database for availability.

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