Gold Virtual Phone Numbers

Available now only from Planet Numbers: a brand-new batch of super-memorable gold virtual phone numbers

If you’re looking for an ultra-memorable business phone number, now’s the time to snap one up.

Unlike our ‘NGN numbers‘ which are not linked to any particular geographic location, our gold virtual landline numbers combine the obvious benefits of a breathtakingly easy-to-remember number with the friendliness and accessibility of a proper local landline STD code.

So you get an instantly re-callable number like 444 444, 80 80 80, linked directly to your town’s 01 or 02 local dial code, like 0151 for Liverpool or of course, 0208 for London.

Add our automated call handling services

To make sure you give your customers the best possible service when they call you on your new virtual phone number, you can choose to add additional automated call handling packages.

These give you a range of incredibly useful ‘virtual switchboard’ services such as Call Queuing, Welcome Greetings, Divert when Busy and Automatic Time of Day diversion. Click here to find out more.

How our gold virtual landline numbers work with your current phone line

When your customers phone you on the new Planet Numbers virtual number their calls are automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever existing phone line the number is currently directed to. And you can change this ‘destination’ number as often as you want, for free, from your online dashboard at the click of a mouse. You can carry on using the phones you receive your incoming calls on exactly as before – both for incoming and outgoing calls on the original number.

Click here to read more about our virtual phone numbers service.

Available NumberTownPrice
01158 51 51 51Nottingham£499 set up fee
01202 303030BournemouthPrice on Application
01209 28 28 28Redruth£499 set up fee
01234 43 44 45Bedford£499 set up fee
01252 888 999Aldershot£950 set up fee
01254 868 868Blackburn£499 set up fee
01256 444 555Basingstoke£499 set up fee
01282 88 11 88Burnley£750 set up fee
01282 882 882Burnley£750 set up fee
01283 888 666Burton on Trent£950 set up fee
01302 515 515Doncaster£499 set up fee
01334 441 441St Andrews, Fife£499 set up fee
0141 413 1313Glasgow£499 set up fee
01422 666 666Halifax£999 set up fee
01443 341 341Pontypridd£499 set up fee
01469 44 55 77Immingham£499 set up fee
01484 828 828Huddersfield£499 set up fee
01538 555 555Leek£799 set up fee
01604 222 222Northampton£990 set up fee
01628 702 702Maidstone£499 set up fee
01733 822 822Peterborough£750 set up fee
01775 29 29 29Spalding£499 set up fee
01775 292 292Spalding£499 set up fee
01782 48 48 48Stoke on Trent£950 set up fee
01883 86 86 86Caterham£499 set up fee
01908 44 44 55Milton Keynes£499 set up fee
01924 58 58 58Wakefield£950 set up fee
01924 888 444Wakefield£499 set up fee
01932 28 28 28Weybridge£499 set up fee
020 7047 48 49London - 0207£499 set up fee
020 4544 4444London - 0204Price on Application
020 8000 9000London - 0208Price on Application
02380 08 08 08Southampton£499 set up fee
02392 80 80 80Portsmouth£499 set up fee
01732 666 666Sevenoaks£990 set up fee

Additional Services For Your Chosen Numbers:

Divert to Mobile

If you're often out and about, you can divert calls instantly to your mobile so you don't miss any important calls

Choose your perfect number

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