0800 Numbers

It's a fact: You'll attract more new customers when your business advertises with an 0800 number

  • 1000 minutes of inclusive calls every month
  • Online control, call statistics, missed call alerts and voicemail
  • All for just £14.99 a month (additional calls charged at regular rate). Save up to £15 a month

0800 Numbers

It’s now completely free to call any 0800 number from any UK landline or mobile phone. This means that herehen you choose an 0800 number for your business, customers are going to notice; and you can watch your advertising response rates rocket by an amazing 185%, meaning that an 0800 number is an investment which will actually make you money.

Not convinced? Here are nine great reasons why you should buy an 0800 number from Planet Numbers today:

  • 0800 numbers are free to call from all UK landline and mobile phones
  • Watch your advertising response rate rocket by up to 185%!
  • Our new monthly bundle gives you a massive 1000 minutes for just £14.99
  • Any additional calls cost just 3p a minute (calls originating from mobile are charged at 2 x rate)
  • We bill calls by the second, not by the minute – our minimum charge is just a penny
  • Give your callers the best possible service with our inbound call handling features
  • Control your 0800 number online with the Planet Numbers Online Dashboard
  • We’ve a massive range of 0800 numbers to pick from, for every size of business
  • We offer free connection for all 0800 numbers chosen from our “bronze” range


of people recognise 0800 as free to call


more responses when you advertise an 0800 number

Pricing at a glance

 Included minutes/monthCall charge payable after allowance (per minute)Cost to caller
0800 connected to UK landlines1000 (mobile originated calls use allowance at double the landline rate)3p/min. Mobile originated calls incur a surcharge of 3p/minFree
0800 connected to UK mobiles500 (mobile originated calls use allowance at double the landline rate)6p/min. Mobile originated calls incur a surcharge of 3p/minFree

Our 0800 numbers start at just £14.99 per month

According to independent market research, featuring an 0800 number in your companies advertising and promotional material can improve responses by up to 185%. Why? Quite simply, over 90% of the UK population recognise that 0800 numbers are totally free to call and so have no problem doing so. Considering all the new business leads that these numbers can generate as a result, these business numbers basically pay for themselves.

You can receive all of these potential new business leads and customer calls for only £14.99 a month which includes 1ooo minutes every month.  Calls originating from a mobile use 2 minutes of your allowance for each minute connected.  After your allowance, calls are charged at 3p per minute for landline originated calls and 6p per minute for mobile originated calls.

How do 0800 numbers work?

There’s no need to buy any new equipment when you get your business a freephone number from Planet Numbers. Simply let us know what your office number is and we will connect your new 0800 number to it – these numbers simply route to your existing office phone or mobile. We don’t charge you for changing the number you route to either, meaning that you can take your 0800 number with you should you ever relocate your business – just login to the Planet Numbers Dashboard and within a few clicks you can route your 0800 number to any new destination – or just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you have an 0800 number your business cards will never have to change and your vehicle livery won’t need updating again – it’s all just business as usual.

How much do our 0800 numbers cost?

You pay a one-off connection fee when you buy your 0800 number from Planet Numbers – unless you buy a number from our cheaper bronze range where we waive the fee. After that, it’s just a small monthly fee starting from just £14.99. This includes the first 1000 minutes we mentioned earlier.

Any additional incoming calls received on top of the bundle will cost 3p per minute from landlines or 6p from mobiles. We’re dedicated to providing the very best service around too, which is why we charge these extra calls by the second, not by the minute. We will, however, round up to the nearest penny just to keep things sensible.


free from mobiles

What our Customers say!

I have found dealing with Planet Numbers very easy going and helpful, they provide an excellent and efficient service and with a wealth of products and competitive prices available. It's unlikely we would use any other company for our business number needs.

Moore Blatch Solicitors

Many thanks to Planet Numbers for offering a helpful and efficient service which enabled us to find a memorable 0845 number for our Consumer Advice Helpline.

Isle of Anglesey County Council

We have been using Planet Numbers for over 7 years and throughout our time with them, our account managers have always been very helpful and extremely prompt when dealing with any queries.

Big Dug

Why Choose Planet Numbers for an 0800 Service?

All of our bronze 0800 numbers are available with no connection fee when you reserve online. To find the 0800 numbers for sale that best meets your current business needs and matches your budget, click on one of the tabs below. We’ve always got a massive range of 0800 numbers for sale. If you have any questions about our phone numbers or any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to call us free on 0800 088 6035.

How the Planet Numbers Online Dashboard can help

The Planet Numbers online dashboard makes managing the day-to-day operations of your freephone numbers a piece of cake. So, for example, say you needed to reroute all your incoming 0800 calls to your mobile because you need to drive across the country for work – a couple of clicks on the Planet Numbers Online Dashboard later and you’re done! Want to redirect your 0800 number to your head office while you’re there on business? A couple of clicks and you’re done. It really is that simple.

Needless to say, your callers will have no idea they are calling a mobile and they won’t pay the normal charges for doing so. You can divert your all calls to a mobile of your choice for just 6p/min (plus 3p/min surcharge when calls originate from a mobile), whenever you need to, either permanently or just every now and then.

Ultimate Memorable 0800 Numbers

We are pleased to have available a small selection of ‘ultimate’ memorable 0800 numbers.  These numbers are strictly available on a first come, first served basis and are priced on application:  Call us today on 0800 088 6035 to secure one for your business whilst stocks last!

  • 0800 075 1000
  • 0800 075 5000
  • 08000 756 756
  • 08000 758 758
  • 08000 886 885
  • 0800 096 2000
  • 0800 096 3333
  • 0800 999 9997
  • 0800 088 6666
  • 0800 050 2000
  • 08000 502 503
  • 0800 021 9999

When times are tough it’s crucial that you make sure to get the most out of every one of your incoming sales calls. Our automated call handling services are the simplest way of adding a sophisticated yet easy to manage range of virtual switchboard services to your business, and you can do this from just £7 a month. These automated greetings messages, out-of-hour rerouting to mobiles, call queuing and voicemail to email services are all great ways to make sure you never miss a vital incoming customer call again. All of our call handling and virtual receptionist add-ons can be simply managed from your Planet Numbers online dashboard.

Can’t see your perfect 0800 number?

If you’re searching for a particular number that isn’t listed, please give us a call free on 0800 088 6035 to let us know your requirements (or email business.sales@planet-numbers.co.uk)  and we will endeavour to provide your ideal number.

Select a number from one of our ranges:

Choose from these add-ons:

Welcome Greeting

Every incoming call is welcomed with a friendly and helpful personal message

Time of day call handling

Redirect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of the week

Call Recording

No more scrabbling for a pen and paper - record any incoming call when you need to

Call Queuing

Let your customers know you'll be with them shortly

Call Centre Handling Package

The easiest way to get an effective in-house 'call centre' without having to buy new equipment or hire new staff

Simultaneous Call Handling

Handle a number of calls at once during busy times

Online Call Data Reports

It's never been more important to know where your business is coming from - data reports show you instantly

Divert to Mobile

If you're often out and about, you can divert calls instantly to your mobile so you don't miss any important calls

Multiple Destination Routing

This lets you control precisely how your calls are redirected to different destination numbers - so you could send half to one number and 25% each to two others, for example

Live Call Answering Service

You can't beat a real, friendly human being answering your incoming sales calls when your lines are busy

Zone routing

Zone Routing directs incoming calls to the nearest franchisee or local branch from the caller.

Choose your perfect number

To find out more about 0800 Numbers please complete the following or call free on 0800 0886 886 and speak with one of our friendly team.