Free 0843 and 0844 Numbers

0844 and 0843 are revenue generating numbers

Why get a Free 0844 or 0843 Number from Planet Numbers?

  • EARN 2p a minute on your incoming calls
  • FREE voicemail ensures you never miss a vital call
  • FREE time-of-day routing makes it simple to redirect incoming calls to a different number automatically
  • Exclusive Planet Numbers Online Dashboard makes managing your numbers incredibly easy
  • Massive range of 0844 and 0843 numbers to pick from, for every size of business

Planet Numbers 0844 and 0843 numbers: how they operate

0844 and 0843 numbers are sometimes called ‘non-geographic numbers’ (or NGN for short) because these numbers don’t designate a particular town or area, unlike an 0208 number, for example.

You simply choose which phone number you want your NGN to be linked to. So when your customers call this number, all their calls are instantly and automatically directed to your selected ‘destination’ number.

And, for maximum convenience and flexibility, you can change the destination number as often as you’d like – using your online ‘dashboard’ – absolutely free. For example, when you’re away on business your 0844 or 0843 number can be redirected to a new number and your clients are none the wiser.

Free routing plans

For even greater flexibility, you can automate this re-routing facility. So, for example, you could set up your 0843/0844 number to automatically switch to a different number at a certain time of day. Naturally you can change or cancel the redirection as often as you want, all from your online dashboard.

Free divert-to-mobile & free voicemail

You can also divert your Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843 to a mobile, free (this would be paid for by your revenue payment) So you could advertise your business with an 0844 number and take all the calls on your mobile. (Needless to say, your callers will have no idea they’re calling a mobile and naturally they won’t pay the normal charges for doing so.)

Our free voicemail service simply records your callers’ message and then emails it to your computer or smartphone as a wav soundfile.

Fantastically flexible!

Free divert-to-mobile, free voicemail and free automatic time-of-day routing in combination mean you could take your 0844/3 calls on your mobile during working hours, for example, then redirect them automatically to our the voicemail service after a certain time of day – if you didn’t want to take business calls on your mobile after 5pm, for example.

What customers pay to call a Planet Numbers 0843 or 0844 number

Since last year, calls to 084 numbers are now split it to two distinct parts: A service charge (the part of the call that the service provider collects) and an access charge (the part of the call your phone provider charges for calling these numbers).  Calls to the 0843 and 0844 numbers available for sale on this website carry a 7p per minute service charge.

How to advertise your 0844 or 0843 number

Naturally, it’s not practical to tell your customers what all these new access charges might be! The new rules mean you have to clearly state the first part of the call’s cost right by the number, anywhere you advertise it – websites, advertising, packaging, vehicles and so on – in a certain way…

The suggested wording you could use for a Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843 would therefore be:

Calls cost just 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

You might want to add something along the lines of “Contact your phone company if you don’t know their access charge” although this isn’t compulsory.

No additional kit or additional phone lines required

Naturally, you can continue using the phone your Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843 number is linked to exactly as you did previously —for incoming and outgoing calls. All the call rerouting is done by Planet Numbers remotely (and automatically) so your normal phone service carries on uninterrupted. For the same reason, you never need to buy any additional phones or equipment or rent any additional lines from your telephone service provider.

Control your phone numbers online – it’s incredibly easy

With your online dashboard it’s incredibly easy to control your Planet Numbers 0844/0843 numbers The Planet Numbers online dashboard makes managing the day-to-day operations of your 0844/0843 numbers a piece of cake. So, for example, say you needed to reroute all your incoming 0844 calls to voicemail during the weekend: a couple of clicks on the online dashboard and you’re done! Want to redirect your 0844 calls to your head office while you’re there on business? Want to take calls on your mobile automatically after 6pm, say? No problem. It really is that simple.

Moving to new premises? Take your 0844/0843 with you!

With a Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843, when you move to a new office or new premises, you don’t have to reprint your promotional materials or amend your website to show a new phone number. This is because, with our 0844s, your 0844 number remains constant even though your actual geographic location may have changed dramatically – perhaps to the other end of the UK! To your customers, you’re still in the same place you always were.

Want to give your callers a more personal, professional welcome? Just add our automated call handling services

When times are economically challenging – like right now – it’s crucial to make sure you get the most from every one of your incoming sales calls. Planet Numbers’ automated call handling services are the simplest way to add a sophisticated but easy to manage extra range of ‘virtual switchboard’ services. You can add one of these amazingly clever packages onto your numbers from just £5 a month.

Automated greetings messages, call queuing and call recording, for example, are all great ways to give your customers the service they expect. If your customer’s taken the trouble to call you, the least you can do is treat his call with the professionalism and courtesy you’d expect yourself.

All our call handling and ‘virtual receptionist’ add-ons can be simply managed from your Planet Numbers online dashboard.

Revenue Generating – Earn 2p a minute, every minute!

With all Planet Numbers 0844 and 0843 numbers we offer customers a revenue share of 2p a minute.  To keep things sensible though, we require a minimum of 10,000 minutes per calendar month.

Pick the Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843 number that best meets your business needs

Most of our 0844 and 0843 numbers are now completely FREE SET UP, AND NO MONTHLY FEES, however our very best numbers do still attract a small monthly service charge.  To find the Planet Numbers 0844 or 0843 number that best meets your current business needs and matches your budget, click on one of the links below. We’ve always got a massive range of 0844 and 0843 numbers to pick from.

Select a number from one of our ranges:

UK Dialling Codes

Town or CityDialling Code
Aberdeen+44 (0)1224
Abingdon+44 (0)1235
Aboyne+44 (0)1339
Aldershot+44 (0)1252
Alford (Lincs)+44 (0)1507
Alloa+44 (0)1259
Alton+44 (0)1420
Ammanford+44 (0)01269
Andover+44 (0)1264
Annan+44 (0)1461
Arbroath+44 (0)1241
Ardrossan+44 (0)01294
Arrochar+44 (0)1301
Ascot+44 (0)1276
Ashbourne+44 (0)1335
Ashburton+44 (0)1364
Ashford+44 (0)1233
Axminster+44 (0)1297
Aylesbury+44 (0)1296
Ayr+44 (0)1292
Town or CityDialling Code
Banbury+44 (0)1295
Banchory+44 (0)1330
Banff+44 (0)1261
Bangor (North Wales)+44 (0)1248
Barmouth+44 (0)01341
Barnsley+44 (0)1226
Barnstaple+44 (0)01271
Barrow-in-Furness+44 (0)01229
Barry+44 (0)1446
Basingstoke+44 (0)1246
Basildon+44 (0)1268
Bath+44 (0)1225
Bathgate+44 (0)1506
Beford+44 (0)1234
Bellingham+44 (0)1434
Berwick-on-Tweed+44 (0)1289
Bewdley+44 (0)1299
Bideford+44 (0)1237
Birmingham+44 (0)121
Bishop Auckland+44 (0)1388
Bishop Stortford+44 (0)1279
Bishops Waltham+44 (0)1489
Blackburn+44 (0)1254
Blackpool+44 (0)1253
Blairgowrie+44 (0)1250
Blandford+44 (0)1258
Bodmin+44 (0)1208
Bolton+44 (0)1204
Boroughbridge+44 (0)1423
Boston+44 (0)1205
Bournemouth+44 (0)1202
Bourton-on-the-Water+44 (0)01451
Bracknell+44 (0)1344
Bradford+44 (0)1274
Braintree+44 (0)1376
Brechin+44 (0)1356
Brentwood+44 (0)1277
Bridgwater+44 (0)1278
Bridlington+44 (0)1262
Bridport+44 (0)308
Brighton+44 (0)1273
Bristol+44 (0)117
Broadford+44 (0)1471
Brooke+44 (0)1508
Buckingham+44 (0)1280
Bude+44 (0)1288
Budleighsalterton+44 (0)1395
Burley+44 (0)1425
Burnley+44 (0)1282
Burntwood+44 (0)1543
Burton on Trent+44 (0)1283
Bury St Edmunds+44 (0)1284
Buxton+44 (0)1298
Town or CityDialling Code
Caernarvon+44 (0)1286
Cambridge+44 (0)1223
Cantebury+44 (0)1227
Cardiff+44 (0)2920
Cardigan+44 (0)1239
Carlisle+44 (0)1228
Carmarthen+44 (0)1267
Castle Douglas+44 (0)1556
Cerne Abbas+44 (0)1300
Chard+44 (0)1460
Chelmsford+44 (0)1245
Cheltenham+44 (0)1242
Chester+44 (0)1244
Chesterfield+44 (0)1246
Chichester+44 (0)1243
Chippenham+44 (0)1249
Cirencester+44 (0)1285
Clacton on Sea+44 (0)1255
Clevedon+44 (0)1275
Clitheroe+44 (0)1200
Clynderwen+44 (0)1437
Coalville+44 (0)1530
Coatbridge+44 (0)1236
Colchester+44 (0)1206
Colwyn Bay+44 (0)1492
Congleton+44 (0)1260
Consett+44 (0)1207
Coppull+44 (0)1257
Corwell+44 (0)1490
Coventry+44 (0)2476
Craigellachie+44 (0)1340
Crawley+44 (0)1293
Crediton+44 (0)1363
Crewe+44 (0)1270
Cromer+44 (0)1263
Cumnock+44 (0)1290
Town or CityDialling Code
Darlington+44 (0)1325
Derby+44 (0)1332
Dereham+44 (0)1362
Devizes+44 (0)1380
Dingwall+44 (0)1349
Diss+44 (0)1379
Docking+44 (0)1485
Doddington+44 (0)1354
Doncaster+44 (0)1302
Dorchester+44 (0)1305
Dorking+44 (0)1306
Dover+44 (0)1304
Downham Market+44 (0)1366
Driffield+44 (0)1377
Dudley+44 (0)1384
Dulverton+44 (0)1398
Dumbarton+44 (0)1389
Dumfries+44 (0)1387
Dunbar+44 (0)1368
Dundee+44 (0)1382
Dunfermline+44 (0)1383
Dunkeld+44 (0)1350
Dunoon+44 (0)1369
Duns+44 (0)1361
Durham+44 (0)191
Dursley+44 (0)1453
Town or CityDialling Code
Easingwold+44 (0)1347
East-Grinstead+44 (0)1342
East-Kilbride+44 (0)1355
Eastbourne+44 (0)1323
Edinbane+44 (0)1470
Edinburgh+44 (0)131
Elgin+44 (0)1343
Ellon+44 (0)1358
Ely+44 (0)1353
Esher+44 (0)1372
Evesham+44 (0)1386
Exeter+44 (0)1392
Town or CityDialling Code
Fakenham+44 (0)1328
Falkirk+44 (0)1324
Falmouth+44 (0)1326
Fareham+44 (0)1329
Faringdon+44 (0)1367
Fishguard+44 (0)1348
Folkestone+44 (0)1303
Fordoun+44 (0)1561
Forfar+44 (0)1307
Forres+44 (0)1309
Fort Augustus+44 (0)1320
Fort William+44 (0)1397
Fortrose+44 (0)1381
Fraserburgh+44 (0)1346
Frome+44 (0)1373
Town or CityDialling Code
Gainsborough+44 (0)1427
Gairloch+44 (0)1445
Girvan+44 (0)1465
Glasgow+44 (0)141
Glastonbury+44 (0)1458
Glenurquhart+44 (0)1456
Glossop+44 (0)1457
Gloucester+44 (0)1452
Golspie+44 (0)1408
Goole+44 (0)1405
Grantham+44 (0)1476
Grantown on Spey+44 (0)1479
Gravesend+44 (0)1474
Grays Thurrock+44 (0)1375
Great Dunmow+44 (0)1371
Great Shefford+44 (0)1488
Great Yarmouth+44 (0)1493
Greenock+44 (0)1475
Grimsby+44 (0)1472
Guildford+44 (0)1483
Guisborough+44 (0)1287
Town or CityDialling Code
Halifax+44 (0)1422
Harthill+44 (0)1501
Hartlepool+44 (0)1429
Haslemere+44 (0)1428
Hastings+44 (0)1424
Hathersage+44 (0)1433
Haverhill+44 (0)1440
Hawick+44 (0)1450
Hay-on-Wye+44 (0)1497
Haywards Heath+44 (0)1444
Heathfield+44 (0)1435
Helensburgh+44 (0)1436
Helmsdale+44 (0)1431
Helmsley+44 (0)1439
Hereford+44 (0)1432
High Wycombe+44 (0)1494
Hinkley+44 (0)1455
Hitchin+44 (0)1462
Holbeach+44 (0)1406
Holmes-Chapel+44 (0)1477
Holsworthy+44 (0)1409
Holyhead+44 (0)1407
Honington+44 (0)1400
Honiton+44 (0)1404
Horsham+44 (0)1403
Huddersfield+44 (0)1484
Hull+44 (0)1482
Huntingdon+44 (0)1480
Huntly+44 (0)1466
Town or CityDialling Code
Insch+44 (0)1464
Inveraray+44 (0)1499
Inverness+44 (0)1463
Inverurie+44 (0)1467
Ipswich+44 (0)1473
Town or CityDialling Code
Johnstone+44 (0)1505
Town or CityDialling Code
Keighley+44 (0)1535
Keith+44 (0)1542
Kelso+44 (0)1573
Kendal+44 (0)1539
Kettering+44 (0)1536
Kidderminster+44 (0)1562
Killearn+44 (0)1360
Killin+44 (0)1567
Killingholme+44 (0)1469
Kilmarnock+44 (0)1563
Kings Lynn+44 (0)1553
Kingsbridge+44 (0)1548
Kington+44 (0)1544
Kingussie+44 (0)1540
Kinross+44 (0)1577
Kirkcudbright+44 (0)1557
Kirriemuir+44 (0)1575
Knebworth+44 (0)1438
Knighton+44 (0)1547
Knutsford+44 (0)1565
Town or CityDialling Code
Ladybank+44 (0)1337
Laggan+44 (0)1528
Lairg+44 (0)1549
Lampeter+44 (0)1570
Lanark+44 (0)1555
Lancaster+44 (0)1524
Lapworth+44 (0)1564
Lauder+44 (0)1578
Lauceston+44 (0)1566
Leeds+44 (0)113
Leek or Ipstones+44 (0)1538
Leicester+44 (0)116
Leighton Buzzard+44 (0)1525
Leominster+44 (0)1568
Lincoln+44 (0)1522
Liverpool+44 (0)151
Llanarth+44 (0)1545
Llandeilo+44 (0)1558
Llandovery+44 (0)1550
Llandyssul+44 (0)1559
Llanelli+44 (0)1554
Lochcarron+44 (0)1520
Lochgilphead+44 (0)1546
Lochinver+44 (0)1571
Lockerbie+44 (0)1576
London+44 (0)20
Looe+44 (0)1503
Loughborough+44 (0)1509
Lowestoft+44 (0)1502
Town or CityDialling Code
Manchester+44 (0)161
Mark Weighton+44 (0)1430
Markyate+44 (0)1442
Martin+44 (0)1526
Mold+44 (0)1352
Moscow or Kilmarnock+44 (0)1560
Town or CityDialling Code
Nettlebed+44 (0)1491
Northern Ireland+44 (0)28
Nottingham+44 (0)115
Town or CityDialling Code
Oakham+44 (0)1572
Town or CityDialling Code
Pakenham+44 (0)1359
Peat Inn (Anstruthers)+44 (0)1333
Peat Inn (St Andrews)+44 (0)1334
Pontypool+44 (0)1495
Pontypridd+44 (0)1443
Port Ellen+44 (0)1496
Portree+44 (0)1478
Portsmouth+44 (0)23
Town or CityDialling Code
Rangeworthy+44 (0)1454
Reading+44 (0)118
Redditch+44 (0)1527
Redruth+44 (0)1209
Town or CityDialling Code
Sheffield+44 (0)114
Shirenewton+44 (0)1291
Shottisham+44 (0)1394
Sleaford+44 (0)1529
Stonehaven+44 (0)1569
Stowmarket+44 (0)1449
Strathaven+44 (0)1357
Swanley+44 (0)1322
Town or CityDialling Code
Warboys+44 (0)1487
Weedon+44 (0)1327