Transfer your Grasshopper numbers fast and freeport numbers from grasshopper uk

Grasshopper is closing its UK operation. Which means, if you have a Grasshopper NGN (non-geographic numbers) like an 03, 0800, 0844, 0845 or any other Grasshopper NGN, Ofcom’s Number Portability Agreement allows you to transfer them to Planet Numbers, completely free.

What’s more, with our hugely competitive rates, it’s very likely that you’ll save money on your monthly fees when you switch to Planet Numbers, too.

Only with Planet Numbers: NO incoming call charges on 0333s and 0345s

Planet Numbers is the only NGN provider that doesn’t charge you for your incoming calls on 0333s and 0345s. So if you’ve got a Grasshopper 0333 or 0345, switching to us might be a no-brainer decision.

Tap into our brilliant call handling services

You can port any of the following numbers to us:

  • 0300, 0330, 0333, 0344, 0370 and 0345
  • 0808 and 0800
  • 0843 0844 and 0845
  • 0871 and 0872

And, of course, you get access to all our automated call-handling and virtual switchboard services.

We won’t let you down

Rest assured, we’ve been delighting our clients since 1999 and, as one of the country’s leading suppliers, we won’t be closing our doors any time soon.

Act now to avoid any service disruption

The clock is ticking on your Grasshopper deal. But call us before 9th December 2021 and we’ll guarantee your Grasshopper numbers will be successfully ported to us with absolutely no disruption to your service. All you need to do is send us your latest Grasshopper invoice and we do the rest.

Call us free on 08000 886 886 or email us at and we’ll talk you through the process.

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