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With a Planet Numbers virtual 02393 number, your callers will think they’re calling Portsmouth, wherever you’re actually located. Just pick a number and try it FREE for 30 days.

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  1. Planet Numbers Virtual Numbers start at just £12.50 a month, including FREE setup.

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Your incoming 02393 calls are instantly redirected

When your customers dial your 02393 number their calls are automatically (and instantly) redirected to one of your existing phone numbers, landline or mobile.

It doesn't matter what this 'destination number' is, or where you're located, your callers will believe they're dialling a landline in Portsmouth. Naturally, they'll be completely unaware their calls are being redirected.

Change the destination line as often as you like

You can change your 02393 number's destination number as often as you want, completely free, using your Planet Numbers online dashboard.

So even if you simply want the calls redirected to another phone for a short period, at weekends or in the evening, say, your 02393 number stays exactly the same.

Use your 02393 to offer even better customer service

You can add a whole range of service-enhancing features to your new virtual Portsmouth number.

Virtual Switchboard gives your callers a list of redirection options, to be put through to a specific department, for example, whereas Divert Plan automatically redirects their calls to a secondary number if the main destination is busy or isn’t answered.

With Time/Day Plan you can set up your virtual 02393 number so that calls are automatically redirected to a different destination number at specific times eg every evening and/or at weekends.

Our other add-ons include Call Tracking, Mid Call Transfer, Zone Plan (to manage incoming calls by their town or postcode of origin), Call Queuing, Call Recording, and Voicemail.

Switch your 02393 number to a new line when you move office

Moving your company's premises, permanently or temporarily? With a virtual 02393 number, you just redirect your incoming calls to your new number. No need to reprint your company notepaper or amend your website!

Switching your 'destination number' only takes a few seconds using your Planet Numbers online dashboard but, for your customers and clients, your number is totally unchanged.

No extra lines or equipment to buy

When you buy a Planet Numbers 02393 Portsmouth number, there's no need for extra lines or extra equipment. Your incoming 02393 calls are simply redirected to one of your current phone lines.

Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as well as the incoming 02393 calls, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

Get a Virtual Phone Number from £12.50

Our Virtual Geographic Numbers start from only £12.50 a month, including free setup and 500 inclusive minutes to a landline or 250 to a mobile. You pay just 2.5p a minute for additional landline calls or 5p to a mobile.

You can find your perfect virtual number package by selecting from our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ranges below, or just enter an area dial code or town name in the search box at the top of the page.

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Additional Services For Your Chosen Numbers:

Welcome Greeting

Welcome every call with a friendly and helpful pre-recorded greeting.

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Time of Day Routing

Connect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of week.

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Call Recording

No more scrabbling for a pen and paper - record any incoming call when you need to

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Call Queuing

Let your customers know you'll be with them shortly

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Call Centre Package

The easiest way to get an effective in-house 'call centre' without the expense of new equipment or additional staff

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Simultaneous Call Handling

Handle any number of incoming calls at once

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Call Tracking

It's never been more important to know where your business is coming from - call data reports show you instantly.

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Divert to Mobile

If you're often out and about, you can divert calls instantly to your mobile so you don't miss any important calls

Multiple Destination Routing

Precisely control how your calls are connected to different destination numbers

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International Routing

Perhaps you have an office overseas? With this service your customers will dial your virtual UK phone number and have no idea they're speaking to you in another country!

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I have found dealing with Planet Numbers very easy going and helpful, they provide an excellent and efficient service and with a wealth of products and competitive prices available. It's unlikely we would use any other company for our business number needs.

Moore Blatch Solicitors

Many thanks to Planet Numbers for offering a helpful and efficient service which enabled us to find a memorable number for our Consumer Advice Helpline.

Isle of Anglesey County Council

We have been using Planet Numbers for over 7 years and throughout our time with them, our account managers have always been very helpful and extremely prompt when dealing with any queries.

Big Dug