Cloud-based VoIP phone systems

Slash the cost of your company's monthly phone bill by up to 90% with a Planet Numbers VoIP system.

Super-flexible, super-reliable.

A VoIP phone system sends all your incoming and outgoing calls via the internet. This gives you crystal-clear call quality and a super-flexible, easy-to-expand cloud-based network that’s fully customizable to your company’s changing needs. And all for a fraction of the monthly cost you pay with traditional landlines.

Planet Numbers VoIP has been developed in partnership with Diva Telecom, and is powered by Ericsson-LG. So know you’re getting one of the most reliable, future-proofed systems available.

To find out exactly what your new cloud-based system might cost per month (we don’t believe in hidden costs or surprises on your bills) just tap a few details into the Price Calculator at the bottom of this page.

Your invisible switchboard in the cloud

Whether you’re a small business based in a single location or a larger enterprise with several offices and remote workers, we can configure your new VoIP system to match.

Save money on your VOIP calls with Planet Numbers

Save up to 90%

The savings you can make with a Planet Numbers VoIP system are staggering. Most users see a reduction in their monthly phone costs of at least 75%. Use our Price Calculator below to see how much your company might save by switching.

VOIP Reliability

Customised to your company's needs

You can have as many phone numbers as you need and you can configure these in the way that matches your company’s structure. You can get an office handset for each line or allocate some of your lines to mobiles. The great thing is, because the system is cloud-based, you can change the configuration quickly and easily as your company grows and changes.

VOIP handsets

Choose from four handset types

The only new hardware you need is your VoIP handsets. These plug straight into your broadband’s Ethernet sockets and there are four models to choose from, see below. Most customers find the basic model offers all the functionality they need, but the other models offer a range of additional functions (including full wi-fi access on the top-of-the-range Multimedia model). Call us to discuss which phones are best for your company’s needs.

Free VOIP Online portal

Integrate your mobiles

With a Planet Numbers VoIP system you can integrate your team’s mobiles into your office system. Simply download an iOS or Android app onto the mobiles and they’ll send and receive calls via 4G on any of the numbers your system uses, wherever the user is.

Advanced VOIP features

All the virtual switchboard services you demand

There are a whole host of call-handling and virtual switchboard features available with your system, like call tracking, call queuing and automatic time-based redirection. You can even use the system for instant messaging between your team members.

VOIP Disaster recovery

Prefer to keep your existing phone numbers?

Because our VoIP systems are all about giving you exactly the set-up you need, you can choose brand-new phone numbers (including Planet Number’s range of easy-to-remember non-geographic ones like 0800s and 0300s) or simply use your existing numbers.

Manage everything from your online dashboard

Want to switch on some of the system’s automated call handling services like call recording, voicemail or call queuing messages? Just log in to your online dashboard and you can do it in seconds. Need to redirect incoming calls from one of your lines to a mobile for a short period? No problem. Just log in to the dashboard dashboard and reconfigure your routing as often as you need to.


Get your broadband from Planet Numbers too

Naturally, our VoIP systems work with any broadband internet provider. But if you’re having issues with your current ISP or simply want a quote for switching to Planet Numbers, just ask.

Up and running in five days

Once you’ve configured and ordered your Planet Numbers VoIP system, we’ll generally have you up and running in five working days or less depending on the size of network you need.

Find Out More

To find out more about Cloud-based VoIP phone systems please complete the following or call free on 0800 0886 886 and speak with one of our friendly team.

Price Calculator: how much will your VoIP system cost per month?


1. Select Number of Employees

How many in-office employees do you have?
How many mobile or work from home employees do you have?
Note: 5% discount on more than 10 employees


2. Office Employees

Select From the following handsets and user types.

Our simplest and most popular handset, ideal for the majority of office users. Full HD voice quality and a headset adaptor.
Similar to the Basic model with additional programmable function buttons.
Highly customizable function controls and features like team availability display make this an ideal phone for an office manager or team leader.
Our top-of-the-range phone. Essentially a phone and touch-screen Android tablet in a single handset with all the internet, wifi and Bluetooth functionality you’d expect.


3. Mobile Employees

UC Users
Skype Users


4. Cost per month

Basic Users £/month
Advanced Users £/month
Executive Users £/month
MultiMedia Users £/month
UC User £/month
Skype User £/month


5. Select Numbers

How many geographic numbers do you need?
Total Cost £0/month


6. Choose a Bundle

Call Bundle for local, National, Non-geographic 03 numbers and mobile call for the customer site


7. Total Cost

Connection £/month
Monthly Service £0/month
Monthly Minutes £0/month

Monthly Charges


One-off Configuration Charges

Disclaimer : all quotes are approximate based on the information provided

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