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Get Call Routing Plans for Your Business

Multi-Line Hunting

Call Hunt Groups from Planet Numbers allow you to forward and handle calls more efficiently than ever before.

Completely manage your grouping and routing from your online dashboard and ensure you’re always in control of how your business phones ring. Hunt groups will allow calls to route to specific numbers at specific times and you’ll be amazed at all the intelligent routing plans that are available.

Hunt Groups work by literally ‘hunting’ for an available phone to route the call, based on the parameters that you can set on our easy-to-use dashboards:

Planet Numbers Hunt Group and Ringing Plans:

  • Priority Hunt Group: The system will always try to route to your preferred line first and if they’re not available, attempt the next device in the list.
  • Simultaneous Hunt Groups: All phones within the hunt group ring simultaneously. The call is connected to the first device to answer
  • Percentage Routing Hunt Groups: As a call arrives, the system quickly calculates which phone to deliver to based on the pre-set percentage routing. For example, you might want to send 50% of the calls to Ashley, 30% to Samantha and 20% of the calls to Michael. Over the period of 100 calls, Ashley will have received 50, Samantha 30 and Michael 20.
  • Circular Routing: Also known as ‘Round Robin’, the hunt group has delivered a call to ‘line 1’, the next call that comes in will be delivered to ‘line 2’. These calls will be delivered all the way through the lines in the hunt group, until it arrives back at ‘line 1’ again!

Features such as voicemail, call forwarding, do not disturb, pre-alerting, selective calls and custom ring backs can all be added to these hunt groups too. Every call in business can be vital and Planet Numbers call hunt groups mean you never have to miss one.